Car Performance Upgrades – How to Upgrade Your Car Performance Easily

car performance upgrades

The most basic car performance upgrades can be made at home very easily with just a few parts and the right tools. There are two basic kinds of performance upgrade, mechanical and synthetic. Mechanical upgrades mainly consist of things like bigger callipers, bigger rotors, and possibly better exhausts. Most affordable car performance upgrades are made from synthetic components. Before you consider any car performance upgrades, be sure your car is properly maintained, has good brakes to handle the power, and is in generally good running condition.

Basic Upgrades

The two basic kinds of car performance upgrades that you can make yourself are cosmetic and sound. A cosmetic upgrade to your car means making your car look unique to what you want it to be. For instance, if you want your car to look like a sports car, you could have it fitted with an aggressive body kit or rear end modifications. Some car enthusiasts choose to do dual exhausts because they give the car a more aggressive, faster, and more noticeable exhaust note.

Another common type of car performance upgrades is to replace the existing factory air filter. A good air filter is important for a variety of reasons. An air filter with a poor airflow rating can affect the way your engine runs as well as wear out bearings on your engine. It is recommended you change your air filter at least once a year or so to avoid these problems.


Another popular kind of car performance upgrades is to install a new exhaust system. This upgrade can range from simple changes to the exhaust pipes of the vehicle, to completely custom designs. The majority of people upgrade their car’s exhaust to better its sound, but some use completely custom ideas. These kinds of upgrades are very loud, but that depends on the exhaust you purchase.

One thing you should keep in mind is that many of the less expensive car performance upgrades, such as simple changes to the exhaust or simple changes to the intake system, will still cost a lot of money. However, some car enthusiasts upgrade their cars with cheap and low-quality parts, such as cheap blow-moulded air filters. Even though these cheap and low-quality parts may look better, they often break easily and do not last long. Cheap and low-quality performance upgrades do not even perform as well as higher-quality ones, so spend your money wisely!

car performance upgrades


One of the best kinds of car performance upgrades out there are those made with special alloy steel or iron. These kinds of products offer great benefits, such as they are extremely durable; they do not require a lot of maintenance, and they increase the performance of your vehicle. These products are relatively inexpensive, but still, make a huge impact on the way your vehicle performs. When you upgrade the catalytic converter, for example, you get a super-fast car that gets even more power from every update!


A big part of upgrading your car is to consider the type of tires you drive, as well as the suspension and the engine. If you drive a car with a four-wheel drive, you might be interested in getting some aftermarket performance parts for your car. There are many different things you can do, including swapping out the stock tires with better ones; taking out the bad spots on your tires so that they can go even farther; and getting larger and stronger tires to improve your car’s stability at high speeds. You can also install wider tires on your car for even more speed and grip. In general, if you spend just $200, you can improve the performance of your car tremendously!

Engine and Suspension

Another upgrade to consider for your car is its suspension and engine spark plugs. The suspension system affects how your car handles in the turns. Therefore, you want to make sure you upgrade it too. You can upgrade the suspension springs and tires, as well as put in better spark plugs. This will help you get the best possible performance from your car!

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