When Does a New Car Need Service?


Whether you’ve bought a new car or need routine maintenance, the first time you take your car to a service department can be intimidating. While you might be eager to get the car fixed, you don’t want to spend too much money. The best way to make sure that your new car is in the best possible condition is to get a full-service report. This will give you the peace of mind that you need to make a sound decision about its care.

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Having your new car serviced is a good idea, but it’s not mandatory. Generally, new cars will last for at least 10,000 kilometres before needing to be serviced. However, if the service light is on, you should not ignore it. The service advisor will be able to tell you the exact requirements for your specific car and will be able to give you a quote for the work. When your vehicle gets old, you should consider getting it repaired.

If you buy a new car, it’s important to get a warranty, since the service costs can add up. A service contract will cover many of these issues for you, ensuring that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The best way to protect yourself is to get a service contract. It won’t cost you anything, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car is being taken care of.

Basic Maintenance

Your new car’s engine is one of the most important components in the vehicle, so it is imperative to have the engine properly maintained. Changing the motor oil and filter is required at regular intervals. Other parts of the car, including the transmission, electrical steering system, and brakes, need to be checked regularly. Even if you buy a new car, it is important to take it in for a service after a certain number of miles.

A new car service is important, and it’s vital to schedule it. Most modern cars come with self-diagnostic systems that can tell you when it’s time for a checkup. Taking your car to a service at the recommended intervals is vital for keeping the warranty intact. In addition to getting a new car service, you should also consider checking the engine’s oil and filter. If there’s a problem with the engine, you should take your vehicle to a specialist as soon as possible.

Your first service is essential to maintain your car and prevent problems that could cost you thousands of dollars. You should be familiar with the basics of a new car service before you take it to a mechanic for a checkup. Taking your vehicle in for its first visit is a good idea no matter how often you drive your brand new vehicle. The first service is important to ensure the performance of the engine. By scheduling it correctly, you can avoid many future problems.

Major Service

The first major service of your new car is very important. This is the most critical step in the life cycle of your vehicle. If your car hasn’t had regular service appointments, it will require a large repair bill. The first service is usually the most costly and needs the most work. The first oil change is the most vital part of your car’s maintenance, so you should be sure to get it done at the correct time.

You should also get the air filter changed every 15,000 km. This will ensure that you breathe fresh air while driving and prolong the life of your HVAC system. Another thing to keep in mind is the tyres. At every 10,000km interval, your tyres should be checked to prevent uneven wear. You should also get your wheel balancing done, as this will help your car run smoother. It’s important to have your vehicle serviced regularly, but make sure you do not take it for a long time.…

What You Should Know About Car Warranty Services

car warranty services

It is easy to come up with a shortlist of car warranty services and products when talking about car finance. What is difficult is sorting out which one will be best for your circumstances and needs. After all, it is easy to get swayed by the marketing of extended auto warranty services and think that they are all alike. But this is not true. And if you do not pay close attention to the fine print, you could end up spending more on your car’s extended warranty than on the actual car or truck itself.


A top-rated extended car warranty provider that has a long list of available services and products that they back are also highlighted, however, what they all have in common, above all else, is that they all offer value for money. This means that not only do they offer protection from the date of the first sale, but they do so in a way that doesn’t put your budget under pressure. For example, one of the best-extended car warranty services that you can get today is European cover. This provides you with peace of mind that, should the worst happen and your vehicle break down, you will not be stuck owing thousands of pounds on the repairs.

Another popular type of extended warranty includes European warranties – this one focuses on the level of protection offered, rather than on the level of service provided. And this is very good news indeed! Because whereas most warranties concentrate solely on the level of coverage, many European warranties go the extra mile to ensure that you receive all the benefits you deserve. One such benefit is extended cache service. Car them (as it is known) is often referred to as ‘car repair insurance’ and the cover it offers can mean the difference between a successful claim and a wasted investment.


Car Chex, or car inspection, is basically where a third party inspects your vehicle for defects before giving you an official certificate. They look for everything from cracks to worn out wheel alignment parts and the like. It’s a thorough inspection that ensures that every service and part available on the market are still in good condition. If there are any problems, the servicing company involved will refer you to a specialist for further work. As opposed to common coverage options, Carchex covers all aspects of a vehicle’s care from engine repair and polishing right through to tyre maintenance and even protecting the integrity of the car’s bodywork.

car warranty services


The other major advantage of car insurance policies is the fact that they are legally binding. This means that you are certain that the coverage you receive is exactly what you agreed to when you signed that shiny little contract. While you can often request a full car warranty review and appeal if you feel the policy hasn’t been fulfilled, there is nothing that can be done if your original signed agreement was for a finite amount of time. If a problem occurs while the car warranty is still in place, you may not be able to claim on the policy, which can leave you with a seemingly useless piece of plastic.

Another major benefit offered by car insurance contracts is roadside assistance. Roadside assistance plans have come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, but the problem is that there are only so many places that will provide this service. Most often, roadside help will come from a small number of highly specialised companies, who have their drivers and vehicles with specialised equipment. There are often specific guidelines and regulations attached to these companies, meaning that it’s always best to do your research before handing over your money. Be clear about what’s covered and what’s not, and don’t just hand over your key and cash to anyone that asks.

Perhaps the best reason for getting a car warranty is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the cover you have is going to be replaced if something goes wrong. If your vehicle is only a few years old, then this is more than likely an unnecessary investment. Newer cars will have a built-in car warranty of some description, usually something like 12 months on new cars. This means that any repairs that need to be done can be covered by this warranty. This is one of the main reasons that many people get warranties when they buy new vehicles, as it essentially covers all repair costs for a set period. It’s a really good deal for the person buying the car, as it removes the worry that their car might break down at a crucial moment and force them to pay out of their pocket to have it fixed.

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