Common Steering Repair Questions Answered

steering repairs

If your vehicle needs steering repair replacement, the first thing to do is to find a reputable steering repair shop in your area. Your next step will be to contact a company representative who can assist you in determining the scope of the steering repair work. Here are some common questions that steering repair companies answer and some answers that steering repair technicians often provide.

  • Q. How many steering repairs does a typical job involve?
    A. Generally, a car or truck with an automatic transmission has between three and five steering repairs required every year. Why Choose Precision Automotive as your steering repair provider? Qualified technicians are certified, and many quality steering repairs come backed by more than 30 years of industry experience.
  • Q. What are the symptoms of a steering system failure?
    A. Generally, a loud, rumbling, or banging noise from the steering system is heard when the steering system failure occurs. Usually, this noise can be heard on the driver’s side of the vehicle and can be quite loud.
  • Q. Are all steering repairs the same?
    A. Yes, – meaning that even though a mechanic might suggest different steering repairs for various make/model/year vehicles, these repairs are usually not the same. Some steering repairs require power steering system fluid changes, whereas others require oil changes.
  • Q. Is it possible to save money on steering repairs and replacement by shopping for parts online?
    A. Yes, – many auto mechanics have seen how much money they can save by purchasing steering repair parts online and shipping the parts directly to the customer instead of having to deliver the parts to the customer.
  • Q. How do I find a competent steering repair shop in my area?
    A. To find a reputable steering repair shop in your area, you will want to contact your local car or truck dealership. Your dealership should be able to point you to a few qualified technicians who are experienced with repairing your specific make/model/year vehicle.
steering repairs
  • Q. Can you estimate how much steering repair costs for your vehicle?
    A. Yes, – a steering specialist can quote you an approximate price for the labour and parts that you need to be replaced, and if you know the make and model of your vehicle (or, if you’re trying to match parts to the exact make/model) the price you are given will be close enough to the true value of your vehicle to make steering repairs worth your while.
  • Q. How do I determine if steering repairs will be cheaper if I replace the OEM steering pump with a new one?
    A. Many steering repair shops will suggest replacement of your OEM steering pump at the time that you request steering repairs. If the professionals at your local steering repair shop can convince you that replacing your OEM steering pump is not only less expensive than steering repairs but could be more cost-effective in the long run, you might consider this option.
  • Q. Do you recommend power steering repairs for vehicles with manual transmissions (manual gear-changing) or automatic transmission?
    A. If your vehicle came standard with a power steering pump, most steering repair companies would recommend that you have it replaced by a professional at the time of steering repairs. However, there are some brands of automatic vehicles that come standard with power steering fluids and thus, many steering repair shops prefer to replace the power steering fluid as opposed to the ball joints.
  • Q. What should I do if I’ve been prescribed steering repairs by my doctor or dentist but don’t want to pay for them?
    A. You should always talk to your doctor or dentist before you purchase any auto body parts (automotive or not) and you should also learn as much about the manufacturer as possible (a good way to accomplish this is to visit their website and read about the company’s history and performance data).
  • Q. How do I choose high-quality steering repair parts and find the best steering repair shop in my area?
    A. Most steering repair technicians are highly trained, qualified technicians who spend years learning how their particular car works and they are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your steering repair problems.
  • Q. Do you recommend Power Steering Pump and Hoses?
    A. Unfortunately, if you have a faulty power steering pump or bad power steering hoses, the steering repair shop may not be able to help you. Hoses and pumps are relatively inexpensive and installation is relatively easy. However, most steering repair shops prefer to keep the power steering pump and hoses on older cars because they are less likely to experience leaks.

Suspension Rebuild Kits – How Do They Work?

suspension rebuild

Are you planning to replace your suspension rebuild your existing suspension? If yes then you must first plan and prepare properly for the job. It is not an easy task to do this because of the complexity of the suspension designs, because of its components and the various factors that need to be considered. In this article, we will be discussing how to decide the suspension rebuild cost.

Suspension Rebuild Kit

The basic suspension rebuild kit includes 4 torsion bars, 8 A-arms, two outer suspension bushings, 1 inner tie rod, and rubber bushings. To determine the suspension rebuild cost, it is necessary to know the suspension type and the drive system used on your vehicle. Based upon this information, suspension engineers can then calculate the weight that needs to be supported by the suspension and calculate the torsion length needed for the particular suspension. Based on this information, suspension engineers can then decide the type of suspension they would like to install.

The first thing that you should consider in determining the suspension rebuild kits is the type of suspension that is in use on your vehicle. There are four types of suspension rebuild kits, namely, independent suspension, payload suspension, strut mounted suspension and the after-market suspension. Independent suspension rebuild kits use upper and lower links of the suspension. The preload suspension uses lower links and the strut mounts the upper link. strut mounts are usually placed higher on the vehicle because they are more adjustable. In most cases, the after-market suspension kits are utilized by sports cars and high-performance vehicles.

Next, consider the modifications that you would like to make. The modifications that are done to the suspension system before replacing the suspension, usually include replacement of spring struts, strut towers, shock towers, control arms, and tires. To calculate the amount of suspension rebuild kits that you will need, it is necessary to figure out the weight of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s weight, as well as its clearance on the front end, are also important things to consider. When you install drag shocks, it is advisable to replace both the spring and shock absorbers.

suspension rebuild

Since the suspension rebuild kit mainly concerns the suspension bushings, it is also necessary to measure these parts. As a general rule, the length of the suspension bushings is one-fifth of the vehicle’s overall length, excluding the tires. Moreover, it is also advised to purchase new bushings since the ones that are used with the suspension rebuild kits are often used-outdated. The new bushings must be long enough to avoid rubbing against each other. The new ones must also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.


The new suspension bushings and the suspension ball joints are installed by attaching them to the existing suspension by welding or riveting. The parts are held in place by stainless steel rivets. The 4 strut rod bushing kit must be installed to the engine block using an engine mount kit or by bolting them to the frame. Once the suspension is done, the rear suspension is then adjusted by installing rear end braces and struts.

The final step involves installing front suspension mounts. The final step entails the installation of tire struts and rear suspension mounts. The price for this operation is dependent on the number of components and the materials that are used. You can expect to spend between three thousand and eight thousand dollars for this job.

The total cost of the suspension rebuild kit depends on the amount of work and materials that will be involved. As a note, the performance of your suspension depends on the make, model, and year of your car. The condition of your suspension can determine how smoothly the car performs. Therefore, always check your suspension if it is in good shape before performing any important maintenance. If you find a bent control arm bushings or damaged strut bushings, the suspension may need to be replaced with new ones to improve your car’s performance.…